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Globally trading insect and alternative protein products.

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animal health benefits, the demand for insects as feed is growing, leading to an increase in the production capacity of the sector

Our Products

The Global Supplier

With our international network, extensive experience and expert knowledge of the market, we organise efficient supply chains

Trading Partners

With our efficient supply chains and unique position in the marketplace we open up the global market and simplify overseas trading

Insects are a natural part of the food chain for a diverse range of animals and billions of people eat them daily.

With a range of successful working relationships with key players, Insect Agrifeed provides an inexpensive end to end delivery service and supplies Black Soldier Fly products from around the world.

Individual businesses with smaller requirements or manufacturers looking for bulk purchases, we meet your needs at every opportunity by securing the best quality products at competitive prices.

We ensure that products are farmed and processed under ecologically sound and socially responsible conditions and act responsibly when it comes to sustainability.

We work with producers of Black Soldier Fly products to provide value in a balanced way for animals, people and planet.