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About Us

Dried Larvae (Popped)

Planet Friendly Feed Systems.

Food and Feed production needs to be revolutionised to support the world’s growing population.

Insects are already an important part of the food chain and with advances in technology, harmonised with nature, their uses as feed ingredients are moving into new sectors globally.

Unsustainable fish meal and soya are being partially replaced with Black Soldier Fly products for wildlife, Aqua Feed, Animal Feed and pet consumption. Research has shown that BSF ingredients are healthier and far more planet friendly to produce than many traditional sources of protein.

Insect Agrifeed has access to nutritious insect-based products from around the world; each supplier is assessed and inspected for the highest quality assurance and we work closely with their research and development teams to deliver the best possible products as well as innovating new lines. All our suppliers use only pre-consumer fruits, crops and grains, with care and consideration to the environment and communities in which they are produced, in accordance with Circular Economy sustainable management.

We offer solutions for bulk or small orders, as required: for large scale production, independent manufacturers and retail businesses.

With no MOQs to worry about, take it easy, we do the work for you. Get in touch  info@insectagrifeed.com

ABP Registration U1360264/TRAD / Notification of Registration of Operators, Establishments or Plants Under the Requirements of Article 23 of Retained Animal By-Products Regulation (EC) No.1069/2009. Animal & Plant Health Authority (APHA) an Executive Agency of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

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