Consultancy, Research, Investment and Business Development

Black Soldier Fly Industry Consultants


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Our Consultancy Service provides you with the focused information you need. Years of experience, and our network of experts, has given us the knowledge to share with you – saving you countless days and hours spent researching the complexities of the Black Soldier Fly industry. 

We have simplified the process of providing this information with five easy to follow categories: choose the information you want to focus on or learn about the whole industry from category 1 through to 5.

1. The Black Soldier Fly Industry

Where the industry is in operation today.
Who the industry leading companies are.
Production capacities / volumes / how big the market is / how much is produced annually
How much it is worth.
Market Reports and insights.

2. How the insect farming industry is financed.

We look at who is investing in the industry – where the money is coming from.
provide you with detailed information about the production process, equipment required, the costs to establish a BSF production facility, how to scale-up the process.

3. The Four Main Products

Whole dried larvae
Defatted meal
Oil (Lipids)

Nutrition values, how and where are the products are used,  where they are sold and how much they sell for.

4. Regulations: Importing/ Exporting

How it is done.
Approvals and Accreditations required.
Where you can sell / which countries and which products.

5. Domestic Markets

Rules and Regulations for production.
Permitted insect by-products.
The industries and market places where the products are required and permitted for use. Prices and market value.

Categories 4 and 5 are tailored to the geographic locations of interest. We discuss your specific requirements during our initial hour long consultation, on a video call or meeting in person. We can cover most other topics related to the BSF industry, outside of these five categories, should you have a specific request. 

For our consultancy service, we charge a fee dependending on the level of information you require – the initial consultation is to establish this and is not charged. We aim to be your long term knowledge partner with our expertise and commitment to your objectives. 

Your enquiries are very welcome.