Percuro insect protein and plant-based hypoallergenic dog food: delicious dry food for holistic health

Complete, and natural, everyday dry food for large breed puppies, formulated with hypoallergenic insect protein meal and low inflammatory plant-based ingredients, providing holistic health benefits throughout the whole body and the mind.

If you’re looking for the best puppy food for large breeds, Percuro can help. Their delicious recipe has been carefully crafted to ensure your canine friend feels good on the inside and out. To achieve this, they’ve made sure to pack a whole load of all-natural goodness into every bite.

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“At Percuro, we pride ourselves on our unique, hypoallergenic formula consisting of high quality, clean insect protein. This is complemented by our plant-based, low inflammatory ingredients to promote a healthy body and mind. All of this is what makes our puppy food for larger dogs the perfect pick for dogs with sensitive skins, stomachs and food allergies.

We’re all about creating healthy, balanced food for your pet while also helping you do your bit for the planet. Your puppy can enjoy a plant-based recipe that does not contain any artificial colourings, preservatives or flavourings, or any of the most common allergens, including corn, dairy, soy, wheat, rice or other livestock ingredients.

Percuro Large Breed Puppy food has been formulated to give your pawfect little pal the very best start in life. Packed with hypo-allergenic, clean insect protein and naked oats, plus our Nature Calm Complex, it has everything a growing pup needs to thrive in body and mind. It’s sustainable too, so your planet-friendly puppy will grow up with a low carbon pawprint. This deliciously healthy food comes with no hidden nasties like colourings, flavourings or preservatives.”


Dried insect protein (33%), Naked oats, Dried potato flakes, Green peas, Olive oil, Dried brewer’s yeast, Flaxseed, Minerals, Dried beet pulp, Hemp seed oil (0.5%), Dried apples, MOS (Mannan-oligosaccharides) and bèta glucans (0.5%), Dried carrots, Dried chicory, Dried chamomile (0.1%), Algae oil, Yucca schidigera.


Crude protein (28%), Crude fat (14%), Omega 3 fatty acids (0.9%), Omega 6 fatty acids (4.7%), Crude ash (8.5%), Crude fibre (5%), Moisture (9%), Calcium (Ca) (0.9%), Phosphorus (P) (0.8%).


Vitamin A 15.000 IU, Vitamin D3 1.000 IU, Vitamin E 120 mg. Taurine 1.000 mg, L-carnitine 100 mg. Iron 50,0 mg, Copper 10,0 mg, Zinc 60,0 mg, Manganese 10,0 mg, Iodine 1,0 mg, Selenium 0.2mg.

“Designed to calm your canine friend, our Nature Calm Complex blend includes dried chamomile, omega 3 rich oils and prebiotics. This combination can help your puppy feel more at ease and develop their brain, meaning they are easier to train and can help them overcome typical dog fears, including separation anxiety and fireworks.”

  • Fatty acids to support normal brain development
  • Limited calcium quantities to encourage regular bone development
  • Loaded with additional protein for strong muscles
  • Animal fats are replaced with Greek extra virgin olive oil
  • Nourishing Omega 3 & 6 for skin and coat
  • Bursting with vitamins, including Vitamin B
  • Dietary fibre for a healthy digestive tract and gut

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